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Multi-point folder gluers


The Revicart answer to Shelf Ready Packaging.

Offering a range of machines from 1.45 meters to 4 meters, the Revicart TWINBOX multi-point gluers offer individual and innovative solutions for the shelf ready and multi-piece market requirements.

The Revicart TWINBOX design offers the possibility of joining up to three blanks together, offering precision coupling and alignment of both standard and odd-shaped blanks thanks to its unique feed system which assures that the blanks enter in a straight manner without need for re-alignment.

The TWINBOX line offers 6 different squaring systems to assure the highest production quality from the feed section all the way to the delivery belt.


The Futura line of folder gluers offers the same quality folding as the Twinbox line with a single feed section.

As with the Twinbox line, the carriages in the fold sections are divided into nine separate carriages to assure maximum flexibility and minimum set-up time even for the most complex box styles.

Additional equipment can be supplied to produce four-corner, six-corner and small boxes giving the box maker the maximum output with one folder gluer.

Thanks to their robust design, Revicart folder gluers can produce solid board from 350 g/sq. mt. up to most corrugated grades of BC doublewall.


The FARO is an entry level multi-point gluer which still gives the possibility to produce a wide variety of box styles on a simplified machine.

Revicart has been producing the FARO line of gluers since 1993. They are renowned for their excellent reliability and the high quality of boxes produced.