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Complementary Products

Vision Control System

The Revicart Vision Control system for quality control controls a wide variety of parameters including two-piece box positioning, partition insertion, glue presence and position and final fold quality in its unique system which controls both the open and closed boxes.

Boxes not meeting all requirements are signaled acoustically and are expelled below the machine before entry into the delivery belt.

The Revicart Vision Control system can be integrated into a Revicart multi-point folder gluer or can be retrofit to other manufacturers’ gluers without expulsion by marking boxes for removal.

Bag Inserter

Specially designed for automatic or semi-automatic insertion of bags for the hospital industry, the Revicart bag inserter glues a plastic bag, pre-formed or cut from a bobbin into each box prior to final fold.

The end user only needs to open the box and turn the overlap around the outer portion and the bag is ready for special sanitary disposal.

Models are also available for the food industry with total adhesion of the bag to the box.


The Revicart Boxer, in combination with the Easypack counter-accumulator, inserts a pre-determined number of folded boxes into a master case, tips the case over and automatically positions a new master case to be filled for those final customers who require the supply of boxes without strapping.

The Boxer can be positioned behind any manufacturers’ folder gluer.