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Double Feeders

Standard Double Feeders

The Revicart Double Feeders are acclaimed for the high precision combination of two and three-piece blanks for the production of a wide variety of box uses:

Retail Ready Packaging, Large Two-piece Composite Boxes, Boxes with various types of partitions for bottles and glasses, Displays for point of sale and much more.

Available in widths from 1.25 meters to 4 meters in fixed position and on rails on any manufacturers’ folder gluers or as an integrated part of our own lines.

Heavy Duty Multi-piece Feeders‏

For the production of heavy-duty boxes and combinations of up to four piece displays, The Revicart Heavy Duty Feeder adds even further versatility to multi-piece box production possibilities.

The patented Revicart Heavy Duty Feeder is especially useful for the production of boxes for the furniture and electro-domestic industries as well as intricate display units.