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End-line Automation solutions


In the spirit of continued innovation, recent developments have been engineered and produced to eliminate the bottle-neck at the take off section of the specialty folder gluer.

The semi-automatic EASYPACK counter accumulator counts shingled boxes arriving from the compression belt and separates them into packs of a specific quantity. The pre-formed packs assist the operator in speeding up the take off process as well as reduce the ergonomic difficulties which take-off operators often find.

The boxes are presented to them in a perfect stack. This reduces the number of movements necessary for the operator. The stack can then be easily transferred into a strapping machine and prepared for shipment to the final customer.

90 Degree Takeoff System

Further automating the take-off area, a motorized overhead thrust system positioned after the Easypack sends bundles previously formed by the Easypack at a 90° angle, either left or right directly to a strapping machine. The thrust system makes it possible to strap the packs in the correct direction.

This piece of equipment has a collapsible backwall for receiving packs directly in the direction of production when the 90° strapping direction is not required.


The fully-automated REVIPACK system, works in combination with the EASYPACK counter accumulator to batch, flip and rotate on one or two axes up to six semi-packs of boxes in a variety of layer combinations.

The patented REVIPACK end-line solution gives the possibility to create stable bundles out of odd-shaped slippery boxes without operator intervention.