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Flexibility, Quality and Reliability

From its founding in 1990 Revicart has dedicated its energy, experience and expertise to Specialty Folder Gluers, continuously applying new technology both in the specialty gluer itself as well as in peripheral equipment for the gluer such as independent double feed units, vision control systems and end-line automation lines Easypack and Revipack.

The experience gained in over one hundred installations has been continuously applied to the new equipment thus maintaining Revicart as a supplier respected for high quality, user-friendly equipment which produces superior quality boxes.

Revicart, based out of Milan, Italy produces 3 lines of folder-gluers, the FARO, the FUTURA and the TWINBOX as well as an INDEPENDENT DOUBLE FEEDER which can work as a stand-alone feeder or can be interfaced to an existing folder gluer of any manufacturer.

A large variety of optional equipment available for Revicart folder gluers makes it possible to satisfy all productivity requirements. Most options can be retrofit at a later date permitting the plant owner to invest gruadually.

Recent engineering achievements in the Revicart production are in the bottle-neck area of take off. Revicart offers several innovative semi-automatic and automatic solutions to speed up the take-off process with their EASYPACK and REVIPACK machines.